Saturday, April 24, 2010


It has long been a dream of mine to become a nurse and travel overseas to volunteer.

One down, one to go (well, probably many many more goals to go...but if you know me I’m nothing if not a goal setter).

I will be going to New Delhi, where I will be caring for patients through Women’s Health teaching, working at a school for children with disabilities, and seeing patients at Mother Teresa’s Home for the Dying and Destitute. Exact details about my placements will be forthcoming as we get closer to my departure date.

I will also be researching Ayurveda and Yoga while I’m there. Integrative health practices have a huge future in America, and I will use this knowledge to provide more informed holistic care to my patients. Who knows, I might even use it one day as a holistic nursing instructor (here I go with the goals…)!

I've been saving my money but I NEED your help to make this dream come true.

Please check back now and again for fundraising events and incentives for donations. I’ll be posting my first “tier” of rewards on THURSDAY. Payments for rewards can be made through my CCS Page (FYI: to search by my last name, use Dunston, not Dee). I’ll be giving out incentives for donations of $25, $50 and $76 (the cost of one day). So yeah. Check it out.


Melissa (Lissah) Dunston

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