Friday, November 5, 2010

Happy Diwali!!!

Greetings and much love from INDIA!!!

Today marks the conclusion of my first week here, and let me tell you... it's been so wonderful. I feel so fortunate with the way things have come together, and I look forward to 7 more weeks of the same.

I've received some emails/skypes/ims asking what I've been doing these last few days so here goes:

Upon my arrival to India I'm picked up by the CCS staff and taken to my flat. After meeting a couple of volunteers we head over to the main office, which is a flat in the apartment building kitty-corner to mine. I meet more uber friendly staff, eat some tasty indian food and and head back to my flat to rest for thenight. I'd not slept in 32 hours (maybe more) so I was happy find a pretty comfy bed in a cool room waiting for me.

The following day was Sunday (I'd lost a day in travel, leaving London on Friday and arriving in the afternoon on Saturday), and after breakfast and meeting the other new volunteers who came in over night we went sight seeing: The Bahai Lotus Temple,. Hanuman's Tomb (which is often refered to as "the mini Taj" and is onsidered the design precursor to the real deal in Agra) and other surrounding structures at the fort, Delhi Gate, Lodhi Gardens, and a drive by of Parlaiment. I took dozens of photos which can be seen on my flickr (

Monday we had a more intense orientation including receiving more information about our placements, and Tuesday through yesterday I've been working at my placement, Mother Teresa's Home for the Dying and Destitute. I've had the great fortune of being placed at MTDD alongside a CNA who'd been there for a couple of months already, and two other nurses. Despite the depressing condition of the place, I'm hopeful that together we can do some great things to elevate the standard of care.

Well, as the title of the post states, it's currently Diwali in Delhi...and that means much ceremony to be had. So I must be off! Keep in touch, email me your address if you'd like a post card, and I'll post again soon!



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