Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hello friends.

After a teensy bout of Delhi Belly I’m back to 100%!

This morning I got up extra early to go to yoga class with a couple of volunteers and WOAH have I grown stiff! To my credit, the beds are stiff as well, and I’ve been so busy working that tending to my own fitness has not been a priority. But to tell truth: When I departed from Baltimore I left my mat (thinking, wrongly, that I might be able to easily find one here in Delhi), and sort of left my commitment to daily stretching behind as well. I haven’t totally abandoned myself though. The air here is really yucky and I tend to find myself more sluggish and congested than usual, so I have, however, found it really helpful to keep up with the breathing/mediation of my Kundalini practice… at least I had that part down today. I’m hoping I’ll be more awake and flexible for Friday’s class, if not more focused and less giggly. I know that taking better care of myself means that I am a better care giver, so if anything I can muster up the strength to get out of bed at 6 three days a week to be better at my job.

Work was a lot of fun today. We are working on a special art project that we hope to have finished by Friday. I won’t spoil it by divulging everything now… but I promise photos are soon to come. Work also included a couple of funny miscommunications today: but then again, that’s almost every day. Today though, was something a bit different.

If you know me, you know that it’s fairly obvious that I have tattoos (all but one are visible when I’m in traditional dress) and large earlobes. This has actually been more of a bonding point between myself and some of the residents, rather than a barrier. Many of the women also have black tribal tattoos on their arms, legs, chests and faces and ears gauged many times larger than even mine. Several mornings while ringing the wash I’ve gone back and forth with a couple of ladies in particular, pointing and showing our ears and inked skin. 

Today though, I changed out my normal black or wooden earrings for something more colorful… and man, were my yellow earrings were the talk of the ashram. A couple of residents came up to me giggling, tugging on them and checking them out, but as I don’t know much Hindi outside of “hello”(namaste) and “thank you” (danyavad). I didn’t know what they were saying about me! Usually I can get the gist of what folks here are saying to me through pointing and body language, but I couldn’t figure out what “(snake, whatever they said)” was until the Sisters caught sight of me....

 “Oh, so this is what they are all talking about, it does like you have snakes coming out of your ears. We have a lot of snakes here this color”.


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