Monday, November 8, 2010

Hello, hello!

A couple of days have passed since my last blog post, and I have to admit that not a ton has changed since... except maybe a couple more flatmates/fellow vollies have fallen ill, either from the ominous "delhi belly" or respiratory woes in the wake of Diwali. I'm happy to report that I'm still in pretty good health. The food cooked for us via CCS has been lovely, and gratefully mostly veg. I have had some cravings for a decent cup of coffee, but I have to admit that had already set in just a couple of days after drinking watered down americanos (no disrespect, of course) in the UK. No biggie tho. I'll just love my Zeke's coffee that much more when I return to Bmore. I feel I'm adjusting rather well to the change in diet though, and hope like h-e-double things stay that way.

My placement at Mother Teresa's is plugging along nicely as well. It's clear the sisters are concerned and slightly suspicious of us foreigners coming in and advising them to do certain things our way (especially when it comes to med administration and wound care). But I remain hopeful that we will be able to develop some educational materials and some documentation that will be sustainable for the staff once we leave. The campus is gorgeous, and I've got a crush on our resident pea hen (name unknown?) and a parakeet named Rupu. Rupu is cared for by one of the residents, and likes to chow on peanuts from his caregiver, and the biscuits I bring him after morning tea.

Speaking of tea... that's one thing I've had a bit of a time adjusting to. The sisters get positively batty whenever we are late for tea, no matter the excuse. I feel like there is so much to do, and I'm only there for a few hours, why waste time sitting on the porch sipping tea when there are so many patients who need help! After apologizing for the insult of being late pretty much every day last week(being late for tea is a BIG no no), I explained to one of the sisters that I'm used to often missing my dinner break during a busy shift, and breaking for 15 minutes only three hours into a shift is pretty much as foreign to me as Mars. She was shocked to hear that I don't regularly take tea, patted my shoulder, and shoved me away from the patient I was bandaging up saying "your tea is cold. GO!". I can't complain though, in fact it wouldn't hurt me to get used to being a bit less of a task master; it might even keep me from burning out later on.

Another thing that will help me healthy and going strong is SLEEP. So off I go.



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