Monday, November 29, 2010


Just got home from Jaipur/Agra... my first trip away from Delhi!

I finally took a weekend off to travel and it was lovely. A great opportunity to see some forts, temples, Jantar Mantar (home of the largest sundial in the WORLD) and of course the Taj Mahal.

Our hotel, the Jaipur Inn, was lovely (but not in walking distance to anything. thankfully we got a cab driver for the weekend). The manager is very attentive. He arranges daily runs up to the Tiger Fort, and arranges current guests give talks to one another about their travels. The courtyard is peaceful, and the beer is cheap.

Some of our group rode camels. After seeing that one of them had a bum leg I felt a bit too guilty to partake... so I took some portraits instead.
We stayed in Jaipur for two nights and hit up the Taj on the way home. I don't really need to say much about that. The photo says it all for me.

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